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 Server Ban List

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-=WoD=- American Member

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Server Ban List Empty
PostSubject: Server Ban List   Server Ban List EmptyWed Jun 18, 2008 7:44 pm

Ban List

If your name is in red then you are permanently ban from the server if your name is in green then you can fill out a appeal. But just because you write up a appeal means we will accept it. Being ban is quite different then getting kicked.

- [TBA] DanDan34
Reason- Aim Bot

- Whiplash666
Reason- Bad language

- DownBeatGrub
Reason- Bad Language

- =BFM= YoCrunch
Reason- cheating, hacking

- Marklinz
Reason- Extremely Bad Language

- Thumper392
Reason- Hacking, Stat Padding

- [Aa2] BloodLandry
Reason- Cheating
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Server Ban List
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